Friday, February 7, 2014


Life is CRAZY sometimes.  This is my life right now.  I've recently moved (from a dual household to a single one), I've been sick ~3 times this winter (including a MAJOR case of food juice poisoning or at least that's what I think it was), work travels, work travel delays and the worst case of the WINTER blah's, maybe EVER.

I'm currently battling between beating myself up for missing SO MANY WORKOUTS and being nice to myself and limiting the stress or at least not adding any more to my shoulders. 

This is the hardest thing for me to do.  I had such high expectations for my early season races and I see those goals heading from a Class I rapid to an out of control Class V and maybe VI if I don't get my head out of my ass moving.  I am slowly starting to realize that my body cannot handle both the mental/physical stress of my crazy life right now and me beating myself up over missing a workout (or 10).  It's a vicious vicious cycle and if I don't get off the train soon, I won't be training/racing at 100% anytime soon.  I am so fortunate I have the opportunity to race and train and if that means I have to take some time for a little clarity, work, travel, LIFE, well that's the hand I've been dealt and I will take it on the chin, rest up, get healthy (both mentally and physically) and move on....

I know I am not the only one experience stress and the winter blues this year (right?) so I wanted to share some *remedies* I've found lately.  Maybe I'll try a couple of these this weekend....or something similar. 

snake massage - uh, no thanks...I'll get a regular massage on Sunday
beer bath - whaaaaa???!?!?! I'll drink it instead, K?...what a waste to bathe in it!
ironing - I ONLY iron to make running costumes or most recently...the family Kona UPR outfits
drink more OJ - PASS...considering this is what made me produce projectile vomit
spend quality time with a TWO canine(s) - done
shut up and smile - aw, alright...
talk with your hands - does *****dancing ****hands**** while running count?

get outside within 2 hours of waking up - easier said/read than done when it's feels like  MINUS 7* but I'll try :)
make your bed - again...UGHHHHHHHHH
get social - easy peasy...DONE.
limit your caffeine intake - as I sip my coffee....
take vitamin D supplements - I will go tan...I know, I know, I really don't want to hear how bad it is for me...
take a winter vacation - DONE...Austin - > Scottsdale 7 days and counting...yesssssssss
EXERCISE - That's the whole GOAL right?

Here's to surfing those waves!!! 

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